Advanced communication skills for business professionals

Welcome to La Salle University’s Graduate Programs in Professional and Business Communication!

Our graduate programs at La Salle University provide students with the essential skills expected of advanced professionals, including writing, speaking, and applied research methods. Our students develop the ability to strategically manage the complexities of communication and are well-prepared for career advancement in a variety of fields, including communication management, public relations, and human relations.

Where Theory Meets Practice

Think. Do. That’s our motto.

Our faculty members encourage students to apply their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom. Our programs integrate theory with real world experiences through special topic courses with working professionals as instructors, internships, and a capstone practicum project for M.A. students—a partnership between the student, an organization, and La Salle that requires students to apply what they’ve learned to address an actual organization’s communication. Our students have earned company-wide recognition, promotions, and bonuses because of the impact their practicum projects had on the organization. Plus, relationships built during the practicum have led to new, advanced-level positions for our students.

Some of the new advanced positions our students have acquired after graduating our program include: Social Media and Advertising Administrator, Marketing and Special Projects Manager, Research Specialist, and Director of Digital Public Relations.

Our greatest classroom: Philadelphia

We are located in one of the country’s greatest classrooms: Philadelphia. Philadelphia, the country’s 5th largest metropolitan area and home to 6 million people, is the economic and cultural center of the Delaware Valley. With the opportunity to learn from working professionals and strong alumni connections, La Salle gives you the chance to network and open the door to many opportunities in this exciting region and beyond.

Where Education Meets Your Life

Our graduate programs are offered in a variety of formats to meet the needs of students seeking to learn advanced, marketable communication skills.

Our M.A. Program in Professional and Business Communication can be experienced as a part-time program for working professionals, or as a One Year M.A. program for students who wish to complete their M.A. degree in just one year.

Where Values Meets Value

When you combine our Lasallian values with the market value of an M.A. degree in Professional and Business Communication, the payoff for our graduates is materially tangible and personally meaningful.

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Why are communication skills important to a business and to customer service

Communication skills are important in every aspect of business. Information must be clear and accurate. In Customer Service, you must be able to explain company policies to customers and answer their questions about your products or services. These customers are not experts in your business, so you must be able to translate industry terms or technical information into layman's terms.

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