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Without effective communication, businesses could not operate effectively.Without effective communication, businesses could not operate effectively.

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The ability to communicate effectively and strategically is a vital asset in business. It can make the difference between a sale and a rejection, a successful negotiation and an unwanted compromise. Without the ability to communicate effectively, neither individuals nor organizations can establish strategic influence. Communication skills should be cultivated throughout the organization.

Aspects of Business Communication

Business communication skills include the ability to interact assertively and confidently with others; to write emails or memos clearly and persuasively; to build successful relationships with co-workers, supervisors and employees; the ability to negotiate effectively and influence people to do what you want; the skill of listening effectively; and the ability to present your ideas persuasively in a business meeting. Even if you own the business, you will find it very hard to manage effectively without these skills, and your business will become far more productive and efficient if your employees develop these abilities as well.


One way to develop these skills in your work force, and to discover which employees might already excel in some of these areas, is to host a training seminar. The American Management Association provides a number of different seminars on different aspects of business communication skills, including assertiveness training, business writing, interpersonal skills and presentation skills. A good seminar should not only teach you and your employees how to communicate better, but also how to apply that skill strategically in a business environment. For example, one seminar offered by the American Management Association teaches participants how to influence others without relying on authority.

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College Classes

If you want to improve your own understanding of business communication skills and strategies, check your local college extension programs to see if they offer any classes on the topic. Some colleges offer professional concentrations in business communication skills, including courses such as business writing, managing conflicts in the office, negotiation strategy, problem-solving in a group and handling difficult conversations. If you develop your own skills in business communication, you'll be better able to spot and develop the skills of your employees.

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Why are communication skills important to a business and to customer service

Communication skills are important in every aspect of business. Information must be clear and accurate. In Customer Service, you must be able to explain company policies to customers and answer their questions about your products or services. These customers are not experts in your business, so you must be able to translate industry terms or technical information into layman's terms.

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any way in which you communicate with another person, this could be eye contact, speech, sign language, body language etc.

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