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What if Every Time You Delivered a Presentation, You Were Powerfully Persuasive, Dynamic and Superbly Successful?

  • Do you want to gain credibility and to win in your career by using Public Speaking as a secret tool?
  • Do you have questions that you need answered about your Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, on one-on-one basis, without joining a group training program?
  • How would your life be different in next 12 months if you could get coached by Celebrity Expert in Public Speaking Bishal Sarkar?

Bishal Sarkar helps corporate professionals, CEOs, politicians, celebrities, engineers, fashion & interior designers, IT professionals with private training to help them prepare for their next presentations and to build maximum impact while in front of an audience. Indian professionals benefit from Bishal’s ability to simplify and teach the entire system of developing, designing and delivering a powerful & dynamic presentation.

If that’s what YOU want, Bishal has a plan for your success.

Bishal’s group training and private coaching has helped thousands of professionals of companies like Microsoft, HP, Sony India, SAP, Brand Systems, GE Health Care, Nokia Solutions Network, HDFC, Bosch and many more.

Remember, by coaching with Bishal Sarkar, you will:

  • Learn how to develop and deliver your message with confidence
  • Know the MUSTs & MUST-AVOIDs of Excellent Presentations
  • Develop authentic humor within your presentation so you’re no more boring
  • Develop Confident Communication Skills
  • Discover simple formulas for creating Impromptu Speaking abilities
  • How to connect with your audience and keep them engaged till your last word on stage (or conference call)
  • Become an expert in your field by avoiding the pain of being an average presenter
  • Dramatically improve your Presentation Skills, by next month
  • Get reputation in your industry by becoming Memorable As A Speaker Immediately

Public Speaking Training in BangaloreGenerally there is a 8-9 months of waiting list in Bishal Sarkar's Elite Level Platinum One-On-One Coaching Program. If you apply today and get selected, you will start your coaching porogram with Bishal Sarkar 8-9 months from today. Special admission into this program is done rarely, on urgent basis. And the investment for urgent admission into one-on-one program involves a higher investment than the regular investment listed below.

Bishal Sarkar's Elite Level Platinum One-On-One Coaching program generally happens once a week.

So, every week at a prescheduled time, Bishal Sarkar will get on a Skype Call with you and coach you personally, giving you top-notch practical presentation skills tips, making you practice while he gives you feedback, and answering your questions in-depth.

So, you will get 4 Coaching Session a month. Each session lasts for 50-60 minutes.

Investment: 3 LACS 80, 000 Rupees/Month. It's a 12-month commitment. The investment for the entire year-long coaching is: 45.6 LACS Rupees.

The yearly program consists of 52 Skype Coaching Sessions, happening once a week, plus a lot of in-between "on-the-spot" impromptu sessions, FULL ACCESS via cell phone for additional mentoring.

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