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Flag and SteepleAt a private university nestled in the heart of the 2nd largest city in Texas, San Antonio, the School of Business and Administration (HEBSBA) offers a unique atmosphere where regional charm meets a cosmopolitan culture. Students can expect a practical education that emphasizes a global reach with respect to international and cultural understanding. The HEBSBA offers high-quality undergraduate programs steeped in the UIW traditions of faith, service, innovation, truth, and education.

The Management concentration is designed to advance global and social awareness in students as we prepare them for future career success in managing people, processes, projects and technology in both large and small businesses. A balance between theory and practice is provided by faculty who have a variety of both national and international business experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.
  2. Apply the learning experience to real world situations.
  3. Become more globally and socially aware.
  4. Develop skills in leadership, communication, and team building.
  5. Understand functional areas of business and key concepts, theories, and practices critical to the field of management.
  6. Understand information technology and its role in organizations.
  7. Appreciate diversity in workplace settings and comprehend its impact on the business environment.
  8. Become knowledgeable about individual and group dynamics within organizations.
  9. Be able to analyze and understand various leadership theories.
  10. Develop the ability to analyze specific work settings in order to best apply the four functions of management: planning, leading, organizing, and controlling.

Enhancing the Academic Experience

The international business program encourages our students to take advantage of the many on-campus student organizations and study abroad opportunities offered through the School of business. Joining an on-campus organization like the Business Club, allows business students to meet one another, seek leadership positions, and network with experienced business faculty and community leaders.

Participation in the Business Club and Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society is strongly encouraged. Through these organizations, students ply their skills while working on organization sponsored projects and events that are designed for the purpose of helping those less fortunate in the local community.

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Why is telephone communication important in business?

Telephone communication allows people to discuss matters far quicker than sending of messages through messengers or postal services. Ultimately this results in far faster business through quicker decision making.
In modern times where other alternatives exist for communication, telephony is still preferred by many as it allows faster interaction than email and is more personal than computer chatting.

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