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Communication Skills for Stronger Executive Presence and Leadership
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Public speaking is not a natural skill for everyone. Our communication skills training positions professionals to speak with confidence, radiate leadership, present an interesting PowerPoint and even enjoy themselves during the delivery. We customize our communication training to meet the unique needs of our clients.

communication skills training denverThe 3 Most Important Communication Skills for Speaking like a Leader

Our communication skills training begin by teaching the three most important elements for speaking and presenting with leadership. We begin by teaching professionals how to speak using business melody that will immediately sound more professional, improve articulation for sharper, clearer speech while producing a more controlled speaking rate. Participants will learn how to place their voice in their optimal pitch range to speak with richer vocal tones that radiates strength, and confidence. Techniques will be taught on how to utilize diaphragm breathing to allow a voice to be carried across the room with stronger projection. With these combined skills, audience members or potential clients will be more engaged and interested in the information being delivered. These are the communication traits associated with leadership and credibility. Often it is not what is said, but how it is said that can deliver impact with colleagues, competitors, and radiates leadership.

Impactful Communication Skills Goes Far Beyond Chosen Words

We also teach the concept of "messaging", the other side of communication that goes beyond the spoken words, such as speaking styles, pitch range, voice behaviors, communication habits and body language that are communicated unintentionally. These behaviors will be identified so that these areas can be used skillfully and strategically during presentations.

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