Business Communications skills Holdings

Beth-Ann-KeschnerThe ability to engage at all business levels with impact and credibility are vital business skills – seeing our clients teams evolve in this regard gives me a great sense of satisfaction!

Beth-Ann Galvin is a graduate of the Institute of Marketing Management and the London Image Institute. She is also Managing Director of Business Communication Skills Holdings, a recognised leader in the specialised field of grooming and coaching executives in interpersonal communication skills.

Since its inception in 1986, her Company has attracted clients from many of the country’s top 200 organisations. She acknowledges that during the past 25 years, her business know-how, leadership skills and reputation as one of South Africa’s top specialists in the art of business communication, stems from her long association with many highly successful local and multinational organisations.

As a popular and well-respected presenter on the speaker’s circuit, her polished, lively and informative presentations have inspired many of the country’s top business people to take action.

Beth firmly believes that successful organisations are only as good as the TALENT they present! Maximising the people capability within her own organisation, as well as in client companies, is her chief objective.

Beth sees the future of South Africa intrinsically in the youth of today, an area in which she is personally involved. She is an active trustee of the Sparrow Schools Educational Trust, and has
2 children, a 20 year old son Simon Ngwenya, whom she adopted from a previously disadvantaged background, and a 12 year old daughter Georgia.

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