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Guide to Academic SuccessOur classes and resources help you identify ways to improve your academic writing, think critically and communicate your ideas more clearly.

How do we do it?

Through FREE:

  • specialised workshops,
  • skills development short courses,
  • targeted 'in-class' skills development and assignment guidance sessions,
  • print resources to support your study, and
  • online support through our Blackboard site.

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Services offered to students

The Centre provides the following free support services to CBS students:

There are a number of essential workshops to help you in your studies e.g. How to be a successful student at university; critical thinking and reading skills; quick search for research; how to give a confident oral presentation; how to write a report and improving your exam techniques.
Course in Language and Study Skills (CLASS)

The CLASS module comprises 10 one hour seminars. You will be guided through the academic writing process and be provided with the skills needed to do well in any writing task. CLASS is available in Intensive mode (where you attend one session every weekday for two weeks).

Critical Analysis for Business (CAB)
The CAB module comprises 9 one hour seminars. It aims to assist you to develop critical analysis and critical thinking skills. CAB is available in Intensive mode (where you attend one session every weekday for two weeks).
Speak Up Conversation gives you the opportunity to meet and chat with students from other cultures in a relaxed and informal environment. This is a great way to improve your speaking and listening skills and make new friends.
Individual consultations
These are available for postgraduate students. If you can’t make it to Bentley campus, we can arrange a chat via email, phone or Skype. If you are an undergraduate student, don’t worry! We can help you in many other ways. See us for more details.
Notes for success
Access these notes and get the edge in your studies

Important: Information about how to register for Communication Skills Centre classes, called 'events', will be emailed to you directly. To ensure that you don't miss out, check your Curtin email account regularly). If you are not in Perth, go to the Curtin Business School Communication Skills Centre Blackboard site to access most of this material online. Use the discussion board to communicate with a Communication Skills Centre lecturer if you require assistance.

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