Why doesn't motivation work?

To achieve the goal you need to have a clear path, whether it is a change in life or a successful business. You need to be sure of what you want to do and how you are going to do it.

Important question: what can lead to your goal? The common answer is motivation. You read books, look for information on the Internet, attend motivational trainings, but nothing changes in your life? So this article is for you.

Very often motivational information is similar to a drug dose. Motivational dope ends, but nothing changes. Self-confidence is lost, confusion appears. We, as addicts, again want an emotional rise, again looking for another "dose" of motivation.

Why don't we admit that motivation doesn't work? What is so attractive motivation? It generates a wave of positive emotions. And we, riding this wave are rushing, as it seems to us forward. And nothing else is necessary. The main thing to catch a wave. And no need to row, work, work. It's beautiful. It's easy. Exciting. But emotions are not ocean waves, they are fleeting, short-lived and fickle. A kaleidoscope that changes all the time. Many are sitting and waiting for the right "wave". Only a few have the courage to pick up the oars and start sailing towards their dream.

Why is motivation so exciting? The question is obvious. Motivation is the easy way. We are. We are looking for the easy way out. And that's what motivation offers. Motivation creates the illusion of right choice. She doesn't make promises. Motivation creates the illusion that it is easy and simple to achieve results. Being at the tip of the motivational needle, a person believes in the result. But neither the moral nor physical strength he does not have to overcome the difficulties that await him on the way. As a surfer: caught a wave, raced on it and as a result returned to the same shore. And we sit and wait for a new emotional "dose". Nothing works without it.

At the same time, lack of motivation is a great excuse for our laziness. It is hard to imagine a Builder or worker who cites a lack of inspiration. But creative people have a great excuse to justify their laziness.

We've learned that motivation does not contribute to the achievement of the goal. What is needed? The answer exists. Discipline.

No mood, no suitable conditions, feelings and emotions are needed for discipline. She subjugates and makes it all serve the purpose. It is clear that this is not easy. It's hard to overcome laziness, fear, my "do not want". But, if you educate yourself in discipline, over time it does not subside as motivation, and gaining more and more momentum. This will help you to overcome any obstacles in achieving the goal. Over time, discipline becomes a habit, you spend less effort on certain actions, they require less and less of your time and attention.

Of course, the discipline has its drawbacks. This is quite a difficult way and it is not popular. But discipline is surrounded by many myths and fictions.

Fiction the first. Discipline is incompatible with creativity.

You may not know this, but most geniuses weren't sitting around waiting for inspiration. They worked, worked and worked, honing skills and achieving incredible results.

You can quote Somerset Maugham, who said, " there is nothing that can be called inspiration. The only thing that counts is hard work." You will act, and inspiration will come faster. Checked.

Fiction the second. Discipline is slavery.

First of all, I want to recall the words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "True freedom is the ability to do what is necessary and right."

You obey the laws, go to work, you have a certain work schedule, there you do what you are told. That is, you are ready to work for other people's interests, but are not ready to do something for yourself? Because of laziness, neglect, you don't want to control even a little? Appetite for example, or force yourself to play sports for your own health.

From this we can draw only one conclusion: only discipline can give you real freedom.

Fiction the third. Discipline is incompatible with happiness.

The overwhelming majority is sure that everything connected with discipline is extremely boring, difficult, uninteresting. Healthy food is never tasty, good music is tedious and boring, hard work only tires. All this leads to a bad mood, negative emotions and happiness can not have anything to do.

Based on personal experience, I can say that tastes change. Overcoming yourself is rewarded by increased production of hormones of joy. I will say more: tasteless food by definition can not be useful.

There are many necessary things. They have to be made. For example, sports. Some people don't like sports because they've never done it. And others don't like sports no matter what. Motivation is powerless here, but discipline can help.

So discipline and self-control can help us achieve our goals. What is motivation? Not at all? Of course not. The secret is in its proper use. Motivation helps to determine the ultimate goal. This is the picture of the future. Only true purpose can cause an explosion of emotions. This will help us determine what we will strive for through self-control and discipline.

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