Business Communication problems and solutions

IT SolutionsIn an information-driven world, communication is money. When businesses suffer communication bottle-necks, it impedes the flow of business, creates lost time, decreases customer and employee satisfaction, and directly affects the bottom line.

The problem is that a lot of business owners don’t think of these problems as problems – after all, dealing with tech problems is just part of day-to-day operations in a world dependent on technology…right? Not exactly. By staying educated about the common challenges and applying simple IT solutions to keep them at bay, a business can cut down on lost time and increase their profit margins.

1. BYOD Security Issues

One of the biggest issues of our time is the challenge of embracing BYOD in the workplace. The public increasingly demands to work on their own mobile devices, and while some companies resist, they lose out on opportunities to access flexibility, better technology, and top quality employees.

The security risks are real. Not only does BYOD open up loopholes for getting hacked and expose your company to disgruntled ex-employees but lost or stolen devices can quickly become security breaches.

The best IT solution is not to resit but to embrace BYOD. When you fight it, you lose control (and probably lose the fight), but with a BYOD plan you can set down protocols, monitor employee devices, and design a security strategy.

How to Choose a VDI InstallationAccept employee devices as part of your IT infrastructure, securing them with encryption and introducing possibilities for wiping info off devices that are compromised.

2. Slow Internet Connections

Have you ever stopped to think about all the time your business loses as employees wait for files to transfer and websites to load? You may have accepted these as just the way things are, but there’s no reason your network should be grinding along at a snail’s pace in between programs crashing – something may be going on with your bandwidth.

Unreliable connections make you unreliable, slowing down business and even leading to lost customers.

3. Irresponsible or Uneducated Employees

By far, the biggest culprit when it comes to security breaches and communication issues is human error. Bad password management. Failure to create backups, run security scans, or update commonly-used programs.

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