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Business Communication solutions Aix en Provence [Communication]

Business Communication solutions Aix en Provence

Agence de Communication GrenobleAeoscom is a global communication agency, based within walking distance from

Avignon in the heart of the deep South.

A privileged location

With this privileged location, 2 h 40 from Paris, less than an hour from Montpellier, Marseille or Aix-En-Provence we accompany you in the implementation and monitoring of your communication project.

Ideas, creativity, innovation

Our mission is to provide you with ideas, solutions, and expertise that combine communication, strategy, marketing and Internet. We must mobilise our creative resources and skills to express the best of your company, your business, your products, your services.

Achievements under the sign
the requirement and the performance

Website, documentation, mailing, action of communication, trust to a corporation with multiple references, to an available team, who will respond to the specifics of your needs and help you approach in a framework marked requirement and performance all your communication efforts.


As part of its development, Aeoscom is the constant search for talent, in the various areas of the marketing, sale, desktop publishing, programming, integration…

Freelancers, trainees, junior, expert, if you want to join a serious and dynamic team within a growing company, please send us an email by mentioning the topic “Recruitment”, and joining your motivation and CV references.

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