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City of Austin Communications and Technology Management logoThe Communications and Technology Management Department provides Austin residents and internal and external business partners with reliable information and efficient technology services to assist them in meeting their information needs and business goals.

Communications and Technology Management is the City of Austin’s principal information technology department and focuses on the delivery and operations of vital IT infrastructure network and telecommunications services, continuous service improvement and solutions to enable customer success.

To serve the needs of the community and the City, CTM works in partnership internally and with other department’s IT groups to deliver and sustain technology solutions across the organization. CTM also teams up with regional partners to improve public safety communication throughout Central Texas.

2014 Facts and Figures

  • 28, 100 handheld radios supported on the GAATRS network used by all Central Texas law enforcement agencies
  • 72, 000 Free, public Wi-Fi connections monthly enabling our city's highly mobile, creative population to connect on the go.
  • $4 Million saved by a cooperatively built fiber optic network further helping to relieve taxpayer burden for IT infrastructure

Highlights and Achievements

  • Implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) system provides simplification of the interaction and communication between different software applications. This will reduce failure risks and speed the implementation and upgrade of new citywide applications.
  • City Hall Wireless Upgrade. Faster and more coverage for the City Hall wifi network.
  • CTM upgraded and refreshed over 4, 000 computers to support the latest Windows desktops, installed modernized email and faxing applications, improved COA collaboration capabilities through upgrades to SharePoint, upgraded and deployed 3, 500 phones across the city, and installed 1, 500 new replacement PCs

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Home Media Projector Mounting - Hard Ceiling
Installation Services ()
  • Identification of best location for projector
  • Mounting of customer-supplied projector to ceiling
  • Assessment of proper ventilation
  • Unit test with picture alignment and focus
Home Surveillance Camera Install - 1 Camera
Installation Services ()
  • Camera placement consultation
  • Mounting customer-supplied camera(s)
  • Software installation and configuration software
  • Connection to DVR or recording device (if needed)
Home Media Streaming Player Setup
Installation Services ()
  • Connecting customer-supplied device to TV/Receiver
  • Programming manufacturer-supplied remote
  • Operational instruction and overview
TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50 inch, Cords Concealed In Wall, Bracket Included
Installation Services ()
  • Installation of provider-supplied mounting bracket
  • Securing the TV and load testing the mount
  • Connecting TV to cable or satellite source
  • Cord concealment within wall and in a power cord management kit
TV Setup and Connection - Up to 5 Devices
Installation Services ()
  • Configuring 1 customer-supplied TV for best performance
  • Programming of up to 2 remotes (if provided)
  • Connecting TV to home network and up to 5 devices
  • Demonstrating how to use your newly connected TV


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