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Technology has changed and just because a company puts out a product doesn’t mean it works well. This has been a lesson we have learned over time. That is why we only sell products from top manufacturers that we know will support their product and make it reliable. You can count on products from manufacturers such as Cisco, LG, Bogen and Leviton. We have to make our customers happy so we feel we are in this together.


All of our technicians are cross-trained on our products. Because our products are from top manufacturers, the training requirements are rigorous. This allows us to deliver excellent service no matter which technician is working with our customer. This also ensures that we will be able to take care of our customers in the future if any of our employees should move on.

At BCS, we believe that if our customers do not understand how to use their new technology, or if it is not designed properly, we have not done our part. That is why BCS offers training and project management for all projects that are not considered basic. This is done by someone who is trained to manage this function and not just an engineer trying to show a customer how to do a few things.

We are the right people for the job.

All of our employees are held to a high standard. We do not hire the cheapest people we can find. We hire highly qualified people that not only do their job well, but are people that you'll like and would invite into your home. We expect them to be clean, neat and well groomed.

We make it easy!

BCS will custom-design your solution, choosing from our many options of manufacturers and products. We explain the options in plain English and not geek-speak. This makes it less confusing and ensures that you get what you really want.

We make every effort to complete the installation quickly and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

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Home Media Projector Mounting - Hard Ceiling
Installation Services ()
  • Identification of best location for projector
  • Mounting of customer-supplied projector to ceiling
  • Assessment of proper ventilation
  • Unit test with picture alignment and focus
Home Surveillance Camera Install - 1 Camera
Installation Services ()
  • Camera placement consultation
  • Mounting customer-supplied camera(s)
  • Software installation and configuration software
  • Connection to DVR or recording device (if needed)
Home Media Streaming Player Setup
Installation Services ()
  • Connecting customer-supplied device to TV/Receiver
  • Programming manufacturer-supplied remote
  • Operational instruction and overview
TV Wall Mounting - Up to 50 inch, Cords Concealed In Wall, Bracket Included
Installation Services ()
  • Installation of provider-supplied mounting bracket
  • Securing the TV and load testing the mount
  • Connecting TV to cable or satellite source
  • Cord concealment within wall and in a power cord management kit
TV Setup and Connection - Up to 5 Devices
Installation Services ()
  • Configuring 1 customer-supplied TV for best performance
  • Programming of up to 2 remotes (if provided)
  • Connecting TV to home network and up to 5 devices
  • Demonstrating how to use your newly connected TV

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