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About PAETEC Communications

At PAETEC, we take pride in supplying the best solution for each customer based on their individual needs, and our dedicated service professionals work diligently to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our core offerings portfolio spans data, voice, and Internet communications services; our value-added solutions portfolio encompasses data center solutions, communications management software, equipment, and software and equipment financing programs.
Serving over 86 of the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the U.S. with personalized communications solutions, PAETEC's integrated product portfolio brings consistent offerings across all our clients' locations nationwide.

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Could someone please clarify exactly what is meant by a voice communications solution for a business? | Yahoo Answers

haha...i hope this is for a class, and not for a real job.
voice communications solutions could mean everything from an automated voicemail system, giving employees blackberrys or cellphones, intercoms and PA systems, etc.
it all depends on what the business' needs are. every business is different. are their people traveling alot? is there a big factory? is it a small quiet office, etc.
you'll come up with something.

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