ESL Business Communication games

1. Phrasal Verb Silent Movie Activity

The phrasal verb silent movie activity is an excellent communication activity your students will love. The principle behind this activity is rather simple and it will allow you to maintain class control. Your students have a chance to compete and collaborate as they try to guess a noun and one or two phrasal verbs. In this activity, your students will focus on teamwork, discussion and processing thoughts and ideas in English at a fast pace to earn points for their team.

To make the phrasal verb silent movie activity a success, you must first present a few new phrasal verbs to your students. This game would be even more beneficial if your students have multiple phrasal verbs in their English vocabulary already. This activity is a great Friday comprehension activity, reviewing phrasal verbs from the week before a short weekend break. Utilize this example worksheet to help you craft your own material.

Here’s how it works:

1. Present new phrasal verbs to your students and review a few from the week as well. Make sure your students are clear on the meaning and the proper usage for each phrasal verb.

2. Divide your students into two teams, Team A and Team B. Maybe let them develop team names to really get them excited and enthusiastic about the activity to come.

3. Picking students or having them elect representatives themselves may be tricky. A good rule of thumb is to number students in each team and randomly select numbers to ensure fairness.

4. You will pick a student from Team A and they will draw a card from you which will have a noun and phrasal verb used in a scenario.

5. The student from Team A will then act out the phrasal verb scenario to his or her team, without using words, for a few minutes or until the team guesses the correct noun and phrasal verb used in the scenario.

6. It is good to keep a time limit on the miming to also ensure fairness and keep the flow of the activity moving. Team A does not get the answer, then Team B can take a guess afterward.

7. The team that answers correctly is given a point. After Team A goes, a student representative for Team B is selected and the game continues.

8. The team with the most points at the end wins.

This ESL activity is full of great conversation and student collaboration, allowing your students to focus on English thought and communication in a fun way. This activity can also be used for multiple ESL skills.

2. Phrasal Verb Copy and Guess Game

The phrasal verb copy and guess game is another exceptional communication activity that harbors student learning success. This ESL activity is exceptional for group communication, as you will be dividing your students into teams and tallying points to decide which team wins. The copy and guess activity contains many aspects of ESL learning and covers reading, listening, writing, collaboration and English thought using new phrasal verbs.

To start, you will develop a worksheet with multiple phrasal verb questions. You can utilize this worksheet to help guide you in making a phrasal verb worksheet that will work best for your class. Each question will contain a phrasal verb and your students will have to create their own response sentence using personal experiences with the specific phrasal verb in the question.

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