Why Is Literate Business Communication Important?

Literate business communication grows partnerships and revenue.Literate business communication grows partnerships and revenue.

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College students that have grown up with access to the Internet often face a harsh reality upon entering the work force. The informal communication that suits social media status messages doesn’t always translate well to the corner office. Literate business communication builds rapport between professionals within an organization, while helping sustain the service expectations of customers. Failing to adhere to the norms of etiquette, spelling and grammar can alienate peers and prospects.


Friends rarely place a premium on spelling or grammar in their informal, personal communication. However, business professionals often use literate communication as a filter for their trust and partnership. The convenience of email and text messages has failed to dislodge centuries-old traditions of carefully written business correspondence. Therefore, business professionals must assume that every piece of work communication may be evaluated against the standards of a traditional letter.


Most audiences judge the literacy of professional communication by evaluating its spelling, grammar and appropriateness. Although automated spell-check tools often eliminate typing errors, professionals must ensure that they use the correct word in the context of communication. For instance, using “their” or “they’re, ” depending on the situation. Correct grammar and punctuation signify carefully considered, professional communication. Matching the tone and style of communication to the situation ensure that a recipient can receive the intended message without being distracted.

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Effective business communication requires a cycle of expression and feedback, especially in a responsive medium, such as email. Literate business communication draws an intended recipient deeper into the cycle, where they can offer elevated feedback about the ideas encoded in a message. On the other hand, audiences may discount the message if delivered with poor spelling or an inappropriate tone. Maintaining consistency of communication across an organization can assure customers of quality service.

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Why is communication important in businesses?

Communication is important in businesses because without it the business will fall apart because no-one will know what their duties are.

Why is communication important to all businesses?

Communication is not just important for business. It is essential for the very existence and operation of any business or any other organized effort.

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