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Virtual team managers must LEARN how to effectively communicate across cultures. This week we continue with the E of L E A R N = Effectively Communicate, and provide you guidelines for building and maximizing interpersonal relationships to help you enhance your virtual cross-cultural interactions.

Strategy #2 Keep it Transparent: EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE
Virtual teams need to compensate for the lack of visual and physical cues. The aim is to keep the communication lines open and transparent so that when conflicts arise – and they will – a resolution is found quickly. Here is a helpful technique to keep the cultural communication lines open:
1. Respond with appropriate words that will not inflame a situation, when you sense difficulty.

2. Deliver balanced feedback

3. Build on an idea

4. Give credit / positive reinforcement

Regarding teleconferences, here are some good practices to follow:

  • If the conversation appears to be coming to a close, conclude with a transition or sum-up statement. For example, “So you are saying that…”
  • Allow the other person to complete his/her thoughts – avoid dominating the conversation – even if you feel you have a lot to say.
  • If the other person appears bored and uninterested, change the subject and/or direction of the conversation. Keep the other person involved by asking question, and even asking where the person would like the conversation to go.

Next week’s post will focus on the third letter of our L E A R N cross cultural communications acronym: A= Avoid Ambiguity.

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