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Improve your business messaging.Improve your business messaging.

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Although pitching ideas, soliciting sales and conducting business meetings are most effective in a face-to-face setting, sometimes professionals are required to leave a message. When sending business-related emails and speaking to answering machines, you can still make an effective pitch. Many business and human resources websites provide lists of seven, 10 or even 12 common traits of successful business messages. You can achieve effective communication with associates and clients by implementing just five main characteristics.

Courteousness and Conversational Tone

Whether communicated by telephone or email, a business message should have a casual, pleasant and conversational tone. It's important that you speak in a friendly and inviting manner that encourages a response from the recipient. Refrain from sounding emotional, confrontational or complaining. Instead, be courteous, using positive words and phrases such as "please, " "thank you, " "sincerely, " "We appreciate, " and "best regards." You should ask yourself, "Would I have enjoyed reading this?" according to Roger Reynolds, President and CEO of ABCO Payroll Services Inc.


Being concise is a very important element of business communication. Strive to get your point across politely and pitch your idea or concern in as few words as possible. Avoid using run-on sentences, lengthy expressions and avoid repetitive content. Concision saves time and money for both parties, according to the Explore HR website. By eliminating unnecessary wording and providing only a polite greeting, relevant statements and an invitation to respond, you showcase the importance of your ideas or concerns. Reynolds suggests that you get directly to the subject of the message, avoid "filler" words and phrasing and do not rehash prior correspondence.

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