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Effective business communication for Dummies [Communication]

Effective business communication for Dummies

A Swiss army knife for the business day
There are lots of books and other resources that claim to teach you how to write well. But what most business people I know need isn't improved writing style - it's improved writing skill. This book actually helps with the kind of writing I do every day - emails, memos, presentations.Abenz

Practical advice for any business writer.
The book is chock-full of solid advice and practical writing tips. Whether you're starting your career, revising your rsum, or assuming command of a new division, Business Writing for Dummies can improve your writing and the impression it makes on your clients, your colleagues, and your superiors.

Seasoned Writer

Not just for dummies
...peppered with nuggets and ideas you can use straight away. . this is a book to support not only better writing but to help those in business advance their career by effective writing.

Stephen Welch

Is this book useful? Let me count the ways...
The overall impression I have is one of sitting down with a knowledgeable friend for a cup of coffee and a good chat about something I sort of know how to do but want to do better. .

J. Norland

Essential for Effective Business Communication
The book is of immense practical value and contains tips, tricks and pointers that have immediate use. I imagine the average reader would ardently consume much of its contents ...revisit the pivotal issues and discover more and more hidden nuggets that can be implemented straight away.

Mark Clayson

I am a Mental Health Clinician. Communication is my business...for me it triggered many ideas about how to use the spoken word more effectivelythis is a book that professionals in many fields should definitely read and keep handy for reference.

Susan H. Dowell

Use this book to build your skills in a natural, progressive wayor draw on it whenever you need to field a tough writing challenge, produce a persuasive document, achieve an important goal or compete for an opportunity.

Business Writing for Dummies guides you to succeed in all the media you use, from email to reports and proposals, customer correspondence, networking messages, elevator speeches, presentations, websites, blogs, marketing materials, resumes, cover letters and social media.

Know how to target your writing to every goal and every audience, plus anticipate reader response and turn it to advantage. And learn how to:

  • Use under-the-radar opportunities to showcase your value
  • Troubleshoot and sharpen your own writingwithout grammar rules
  • Script yourself: for an elevator speech, presentation, video, opportunity or confrontation
  • Identify and express your own special and unique value
  • Use stories to communicate your message
  • Craft websites, blogs, and tweetsand use them strategically
  • Put your best foot forward in building international connections

Its all totally practical and ready-to-use: Ideas, tips and techniques for writing better, AND for advancing your career, persuading others to your viewpoint, fostering your people networks, enhancing your professional image and much more.
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