Effective business communication Fourth Edition

Cover of Effective Communication 4th editionThe fourth edition of this hugely popular textbook, updated for the revised Level 5 Communications module [5N0690], which focuses on the four main communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, incorporating all communications technology. New to this edition: * Discusses current issues in communications and information technology with emphasis on trends, developments and the impact of social media * Presents all updated legislation in relation to work, including health, safety and welfare at work, and communications-related legislation * Introduces reading techniques such as skimming, obtaining an overview and identifying key points, as a basis for developing summary writing skills * Includes new 'hints/tips' feature for students throughout the text. * Considers verbal skills, listening skills, and nonverbal and visual communication in one-to-one and group interaction, and both personal and work-related settings. * Discusses various forms of communications technology and how they can be best used in various contexts and for different required results. * Presents key research methodologies and editorial skills, including drafting and proofreading.

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