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Effective organizational communication focuses on open and direct relationship between employees and managers in organizations, thereby resulting in improvement of their commitment, productivity and organizational performance. Organizational communication entails enduring force that brings together all organization members and leads them towards achieving the set goals. Only organizations that manage to establish principles of effective communication have the privilege to play a role of successful organizations in contemporary societal conditions of change and dynamism. As science, technology and changes about organizational communication develop, organizations need to build their own ability to upgrade themselves at the same pace. That way they would be willing to apply and respond positively to new principles, channels and modes of communication that would contribute to the set requirements and expected accomplishments of the organizations. Key words: communication, employees, managers, communication skills, communication relations, information and communication technologies, organizational results

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Why is effective communication important in organisation?

effective communication is important in an organization because it creates mutual understanding environment between the management and employees. Directly, it also helps in increasing the employee's productivity.
Clear speech is important so the other person/people can understand what you are saying. If it is written information i believe it should include facts as well as opinions so it is not biased. It should be formal and simple to read. Your Audience are the people who will read this so think of how they would see it and work from there.
it gives a sense of direcction to the worke…

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Direct (face-to-face) communication is most effective.
Emails are one of the worst methods of communication, followed closely by voicemail. Any time you don't directly communicate with the party to which you wish to contact you are taking a risk that they will mis-interpret your message or maybe not even get it at all. Or maybe they will just ignore it.

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