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From the above discussion we can say that a report is a written or oral statement of facts relating to a particular event. It is an important document that helps in decision making.What is Report. A report is a description of an event carried back to someone who was not present on the scene. It may be defined as an organized statement of facts related to a particular subject prepared after an investigation is made and presented to the interested persons. Report can be written or oral, but in most of the cases it is written. Some definitions on report are quoted below What is business report, Definition of Report, Meaning of Report.-

What is Report

What is ReportAccording to R. C. Sharma and Krishna Mohan, “A report is a formal communication written for a specific purpose that includes a description of procedures followed for collection and analysis of data, their significance, the conclusions drawn from them and the recommendations, if required.”

Ober said, “A report is an orderly and objective presentation of information that assists in decision making and problem solving.”

According to Betty and Kay, “A report is a written or oral message presenting information that will help a decision maker to solve a business problem.”

The Objectives of Preparing Report

The prime objective of report is to provide information about any event or object or situation to the proper persons. It helps business people to take accurate and pragmatic decisions. The purposes of Report can be mentioned as below-

  • To carry business information to the concerned quarters
  • To analyze the data for interpretation
  • To help planning by providing factual information
  • To help decision making by providing necessary information and evidence
  • To reduce administrative cost by eliminating searching cost for information
  • To help establish effective control system through the information on employee performance
  • To help reduce and resole organizational disputes
  • To help to bring effective coordination between and among the departments
  • To help to bring dynamism in the organization by supplying latest information
  • To find out the reason behind a problem
  • To present the findings of investigation or inquiry
  • To recommend specific action to solve a problem

So, we find that report serves some important purposes. In fact it aims to provide every support to business people through providing necessary factual information.

Elements of a Business Report

The elements of a report vary depending on the organization or structure of the report and there are various styles of organizing a report. Normally reports are organized in three ways-

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