Effective business communication techniques

Listening and observing are techniques applied by effective communicators.Listening and observing are techniques applied by effective communicators.

Reaching goals in the world of business requires collaboration, and collaboration is not going to happen without effective communication. The better you can get through to people, whether colleagues or customers, the more you'll be able to accomplish. The first steps to getting there involve determining how to frame your message. Active listening and knowing your audience are techniques that will allow you to predict how your message will be received. Persuasion techniques can then be introduced, along with building inclusiveness by encouraging feedback.

Active Listening

Think of the people you need to get through to as your stakeholders. They each have a stake in the message you need to deliver just as you have a stake in how they respond. If you can understand the interests of your stakeholders, you stand a better chance of getting rewarding and positive results. The best way to understand their interests is through active listening. Build a rapport with them by paying attention to what they have to say and showing that you understand the meaning behind their words.


Another aspect of active listening involves observation. During conversations, pay attention to body language and non-verbal communication cues to determine how your message is being perceived. Arms crossed in a defensive posture can indicate you should consider changing tactics with regard to word choice, intonations or other communication factors. Marketing professionals who need to communicate with customers can also observe online social networks to determine the types of messages that are more likely to be received positively.

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What some technique for effective communication?

Effective Communication!
Talk, talk and more talk. And I do not mean phone talk, text talk or even picture talk. I mean real talk. Face to face talk. When you can look into a preson's face, see his/her reaction, watch body language, patience or disgust, the whole gammit of personal expression.
But besides this matter of face to face communication you should also learn to be a good listener. And besides being a good listener, you should expect the same quality from the other party. Sometimes it will be necessary to interrupt a lengthy monologue that does not allow your input. Just remin…

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