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Increasing media awareness can create promotional opportunities for your business.Increasing media awareness can create promotional opportunities for your business. (Photo: Images )

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The objectives you set for your business communication plan should meet the “SMART” test: It should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-focused. These are the promotional goals for your business, and if you are a young company, expect these objectives to be broad and then get more specific over time. For example, “creating awareness” is a broad but suitable objective for a startup company. As your business matures, modify this objective to be more specific, such as “increase awareness by 5 percent over last quarter’s benchmark survey.”

Increase Media Awareness

Media relations are an important and cost-effective part of a business communications plan. With time and effort you can secure unpaid publicity for your business. But the media can’t write about you if they don’t know who you are, so your first business objective is creating media awareness. Research the media that cover your industry - locally, regionally and nationally. Over time you will create measurable name recognition and access to the media will get easier.

Develop Analyst Education

Analysts cover your industry whether you offer products or services. News reporters seek comments from analysts to fill in gaps in their reporting and offer an objective perspective; if you are a new company offering a product that is directly competing with a popular brand, a reporter will want an opinion on any competitive edge you may have and might seek that information from an analyst who knows about you. Analysts are thorough, so they usually welcome information about companies entering the space they cover. Your job is to educate them about your competitive advantages.

Increase Online Visibility

You are doing business in a world laden with technology that has changed the way customers make purchasing decisions. To take advantage of this, develop a website that is easy to use, an online store if your product requires one and a feedback system. Other methods include developing written content on your industry that shows up in search engines and creating a social media presence.

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