Business Communication in English course

English for UK Companies

Do you struggle to speak English with customers or business colleagues from abroad? If so, we can help!

If you own or work in a company that operates internationally we can help you achieve business success through more effective English communication.

It may be that your company is owned by a non-UK parent, or you may be headquartered in the UK and have foreign subsidiaries or agents abroad. In either case it is common for English to be the working language of global business.

Struggling to communicate effectively with your colleagues in English is more common than you may think.English for UK Companies Meetings between native English speakers and non-native visitors to the UK present their own problems.

A programme of cultural awareness training to bring together native English and non-native ‘Global English’ can put you on the path to success in international business.

What is Global English?

It is a fact that there are more people on earth who speak English as a second language than there are native English speakers! The language they speak is Global English.Speak English internationally And although it may sound far from perfect to a native English speaker, they understand each other fairly well.

The problems arise when native English speakers get involved, and this is where the training can help out. By being aware of the cultural and language differences between native and non-native English speakers you can begin to emulate your colleagues and make yourself more easily understood.

Success in English – together!

We approach the communication gap from both sides. We offer “English as a Foreign Language” courses for non-native speakers to improve their communication skills. And we offer cultural awareness through Global English training for native English speakers.

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