Business in English Communication

Do you need to use your English skills for your job or business soon?

I can also guess that you might be a little worried about using English for business.

Well, I have good news for you. In many ways, doing business in English can be easier than having a casual conversation in English.

Even though having conversations, surfing the internet and doing some casual reading in English can all be fun activities, a lot of different topics can come up. There is a lot of variety in vocabulary and grammar out there. You never know what to expect. Things can get confusing.

When you are speaking business English, you have a goal. You have some specific information to tell someone or to ask about. The person you are talking or wants to reach the same goals as you. They want to solve the same problem that you want to solve. They want to share information with you. In a way, you are both on the same team and working together.

Since you probably have the same goals, you don’t have to worry as much about grammar or little mistakes. You can just focus on communicating well and getting the job done.

Before talking about ways to communicate effectively, let me tell you about the places and situations where you can expect to use business English. It can actually be very useful outside the office!

Types of Business English

Even if you do not need to use English for business every day, it can be useful for other reasons. For example, you might use business English when traveling or contacting customer support for a product you purchased. Many companies only offer customer support in English, so good communication skills can really help you get things done.

2Business English at Your Job

Even if your company is not international, you may have to write emails or faxes to colleagues in other countries. When you travel or attend conferences, speaking good business English will help you make international business connections.

In some companies, you might even have a lot of customers who can only use English. People working in international sales may do what is called “cold calling” in English. That is when you call or contact people that you don’t know to sell them something or ask questions.

When you gain confidence, you can continue working towards becoming a business English rock star by strengthening your skills.

Business English at Home

It may seem strange to think that you can use business English at home, but there are a lot of chances to do this no matter where you live.

If you live in an international community, English can often be the “lingua franca, ” or a common language with which everyone can communicate.

Even if you are living in a place where people do not usually use English, there are plenty of companies that only have customer service in English. When you call them for help, you will be able to explain your problem or question. Using a little business English can help you solve a problem, get a refund or get help with something.

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