English for Business Communication course Outlines

ccelCCEL's Business English course is ideal for students planning to use English in their careers.


  • Course length - 6 weeks
  • Programme - Full-time 23 + 2* hours per week
  • Levels available - pre-intermediate to upper intermediate

*This course includes 2 hours of optional supervised self-study

This course introduces business language and concepts including:

  • Business vocabulary
  • Making presentations
  • Negotiating
  • Participating in meetings
  • Telephone communication
  • Business writing (reports, formal letters, emails and memos)
  • Cross-cultural awareness in business contexts

Minimum entry levels apply. Placement in a Business English class will depend on level assessment. The Business English level assessment can be taken overseas before arriving in New Zealand.

The Business English class sometimes uses a blog. It includes information about class topics, interesting business articles, useful video clips, and a weekly review of their study. You can look at the Business English blog here.

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