Intercultural business communication assignment

video_iconFor this second assignment in week 5 we welcome Maryam Bigdeli as visiting speaker. In this first interview she explains principles and challenges of international and intercultural communication. For your convenience please find the slides of the presentation she is referring to as additional learning material here.

Video “Intercultural communication”

Assignment 5.2: Introduction to intercultural communication

Purpose: Consider the information about intercultural communication principles given in the expert video and reflect upon your own experience with working in international teams.

Task: Watch the video where Maryam explains difficulties in communication internationally and/or read through the slides.

Try to answer these questions: In your own experience, did you encounter any communication style differences in international teams and can they be explained by some of the cultural diversity scales dichotomies given in the corresponding slide. Is there any evidence that the differences correspond to the multiactive, the reactive, or the linear-active communication style?

Interaction: Commend on the contributions of fellow participants and e.g. discuss possible ways out of a communication mismatch.

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What is a multidiciplinary approach to intercultural communication

What is a multidisciplinary approach to intercultural communication?

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