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CoverIntercultural communication has become a 'hot topic' in the training of business people (both language-focused and general). Robert Gibson draws on his own experience as a training manager in a multinational company to provide an introduction to this diverse and fascinating subject. The book is organized into five chapters: Chapter 1: ('The intercultural challenge') looks at the 'why, what, and how' ofIntercultural Communication. It provides definitions of intercultural communication, explains why it is important, discusses some of the barriers to intercultural communication, and explores some successful strategiesfor dealing with difference. Chapter 2: ('Cultural dimensions') presents the work of some of the leading figures in the field, and then goes on to discuss specific areas of interest, including: non-verbal communication, power relations, communication between individuals and groups, dealing with uncertainty, and communication between men and women. Chapter 3: ('Business communication') looks at the skills thatbusiness people need to function effectively at work and how these are affected by intercultural factors. These skills include: managing people, negotiating, socializing, giving presentations, advertising, and applying for a job.Chapter 4: ('Cultures') includes examples from a selection of cultures that are of special interest to business people, and discusses the attitudes in different cultures towards areas such as team work, motivation, communication style, and problem solving. Chapter 5: ('Going further') suggests ways of training people to develop intercultural skills. There is a recommended reading section at theend of the book as well as a full bibliography and a glossary of the key terms used in the field.

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