Company internal Communication channels

business-screensaver-exampleDesktop alerts, which deliver pop up visual messages onto computers and mobile devices, can ensure fast and reliable cut-through of urgent/important business updates.
Screensavers can be turned into sequencing digital signage to raise staff awareness of business initiatives, updates, events etc.

Staff Surveys - the SnapComms staff survey tool can be pushed onto staff computer screens and mobile devices to measure understanding of business strategy and to gather employee feedback.

Maximize the Value of Existing Information Resources (e.g. Intranet). It is possible to leverage the power of existing information sources, such as the intranet, by sign posting new or relevant content to specific target audiences. Updates can be pushed out to targeted staff groups as scrolling text on the desktop, pop-up alert messages, staff newsletters and/or sequencing interactive screensavers.

compliance-desktop-alertDeliver Updates on Newsfeeds

Embedded hyperlinks serve to direct staff to the specific information sources they require.

Desktop Alert Notifications

Ensure Compliance with Company Regulations and Standards.
Important compliance information can be overtly pushed out to targeted staff groups as mobile and desktop alerts or scrolling ticker feeds. The desktop alert and ticker formats can be configured to continue repeating until a staff member has opened, read or acknowledged the full message. Reporting tools allow the administrator(s) to see which messages have not been opened or acknowledged.

desktop-survey-toolNB) All of the SnapComms channels of internal communication have click-through capability with full reporting on hyperlinks followed by each employee.

Improving Contact Center Productivity.
Contact center staff, who may not have regular email access, can be kept informed in a dynamic yet non-intrusive way via scrolling text on their computer screens. Time spent in team meetings (non call time) can be reduced by providing news and information updates via the news ticker channel or via an electronic staff magazine that aggregates messages from all over the business into a single scanable format.

Scrolling Text on Computer Screens

NB) Email is not required to deliver any of the SnapComms messaging channels.

Integrating a Dispersed Workforce. The SnapComms internal communication channels are not limited by geographic location. As long as employees have intermittent internet access and a computer or mobile device, messages can be easily targeted to a geographically dispersed workforce. The SnapComms channels can help ensure message consistency and give every employee a ‘voice’ regardless of their physical location.

internal-newsletter-example internal-pop-up-survey desktop-alert-important-announcement internal-screensaver-messaging

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Appreciation mail, sent to the employee, mark a copy to all others.

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