Internal Business Communication Circulars

Circulars in business communication must be targeted toward a specific customer group.Circulars in business communication must be targeted toward a specific customer group.

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Circulars or fliers are a highly effective way to communicate with employees or customers. Many companies use circulars to enforce dress codes and policies or invite employees to meetings or luncheons. Circulars can also be used as an advertising tool. There are a number of benefits to using circulars, but a circular must include certain features to be most effective. Additionally, distribution is important for circulars in business communication.


Circulars are an inexpensive and fast way to distribute information. Managers can create a circular on their computer and print out multiple copies in 30 minutes or less. Circulars are also highly informative, depending on the level of information needed. For example, a company needs only a few lines of copy to inform employees about a seminar. Circulars can also be informal and non-obtrusive-people are free to read or ignore them.


Circulars in business communication must target a specific audience. For example, a circular inviting company employees to learn database management is geared toward marketing research managers and computer programmers. A company that distributes circulars for its newspaper is targeting people who do not have a subscription. Writers who keep their target audience in mind will usually produce more effective circulars.

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The most effective circulars usually have several key features. The most important feature is the heading, which targets a specific audience. "Need To Lose 10 Pounds This Month?" may be an effective circular heading for a company selling diet products, targeting people who need to lose weight. The heading leads readers into the body of the circular, which describes a particular offer, product or service in a bullet-point format. If people are interested, they will then look at the "contact information" or time and place of the sale, for example.


Like other advertising pieces, a business circular will usually follow the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) principle, according to advertising expert Dave Dolak at The circular should be designed to attract attention with a strong heading or images. It must then hold the reader's interest and ultimately compel her to buy a particular product or service. Companies can enhance a reader's desire for a product by making the circular believable. Giving the reader a reason to buy immediately will also increase her desire.

Distribution to Consumers

Business owners can post circulars on grocery store bulletin boards or include them with the daily newspaper. Some business owners place circulars on people's car windshields. There are also companies that distribute circulars door-to-door along with other offers. Businesses may include a circular in a direct mail package. All of these methods can be highly effective in reaching the consumer.

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