International Business Communication Jobs

shutter1977.jpgAn study programme in international communication is ideal for students who enjoy traveling and working in a diverse and challenging environment. The field focuses on a variety of topics including international broadcasting and journalism, public diplomacy, and communications policy and industry. You will learn how to think critically and develop effective communication strategies in a global context for a wide variety of establishments.

Career opportunities

The global expansion rate of businesses is constantly on the rise, leading to the increase in demand of individuals with specific inter-cultural expertise. For this reason, and studying international communication can open a wide variety of job opportunities and career lines for you. Whether you choose to work in the public or private sector, you get to choose a career that focuses on your individual interest.


International communication studies are especially useful for students who speak two or more foreign languages. You can either work for a government office or a private corporation as a translator or interpreter. To succeed in this career line, you also need to have an in-depth understanding of the people and culture of the various countries with which you work.corporate_communication.jpg You will have the responsibility toensure there is no miscommunication between the people you work for and the negotiating party.

Corporate communication

Studying international communication can prepare you for a promising career in large corporations. Multinational companies are in need of skilled professionals with a specialty in communications. You would normally work in departments like human resources and marketing. This career path is ideal for you if you are interested in traditional communications role, as you get to apply the tactical skills you have developed during your study course. This would involve writing press releases and drafting employee communications in a diverse cultural environment.

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What are issues in international communication?

Language barriers are one issue confronting international communication. This includes idiom (which generally speaking are not able to be translated accurately) and cultural references, such as pop culture or historical references.

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