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ijbc.gifThe International Journal of Business Communication (IJBC) publishes manuscripts that contribute to knowledge and theory of business communication as a distinct, multifaceted field approached through the administrative disciplines, the liberal arts, and the social sciences. Accordingly, IJBC seeks manuscripts that address all areas of business communication including but not limited to business composition/technical writing, information systems, international business communication, management communication, and organizational and corporate communication. In addition, IJBC welcomes submissions concerning the role of written, verbal, nonverbal and electronic communication in the creation, maintenance, and performance of profit and not for profit business. IJBC accepts all rigorous research methods, including but not limited to qualitative, quantitative, and critical. IJBC conducts masked reviews in which the Editor, an Associate Editor and at least two subject-matter experts examine submitted manuscripts.To propose a special issue of IJBC, please review the special-issue guidelines and contact the Editor to discuss your ideas.

Types of Manuscripts Published

  • Traditional scholarly studies of 15-35 pages, excluding references, notes, and appendices.
  • Commentaries of 10-14 pages, excluding references, notes, and appendices.
  • Forums consisting of 2-4 articles organized around a unifying theme. Manuscripts comprising forums typically resemble commentaries rather than traditional research submissions. Forums might also have an introduction written by a “guest editor.”
  • Book reviews. Contact the Book Review Editor to inquire about reviewing a book.

Quantitative and Qualitative Guidelines

  • Quantitative manuscripts must report estimates of reliability for all dependent measures, variance accounted for in tests of significance, and power estimates when tests fail to achieve significance.
  • Content analysis employing quantitative measures should note intercoder reliability.
  • Survey research should describe the sampling frame (relevant population), sampling method, sample unit, and response rate.
  • Qualitative research must note standards used to ensure the quality and verification of the presented interpretation.

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