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SHRM 2015, workshop, toolkit, talent managementRecently, Sheerin Vesin, HR Practice Lead and Marketing Manager, and DeShaun Wise, Sr. Global HR Business Partner, at Rosetta Stone presented at the SHRM 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition. Here are some of the highlights from their enlightening presentation.

The lay of the land

As we are well aware by now, businesses are leveraging emerging markets for growth. Consumption in these markets is expected to top $30 trillion in ten years! Not surprisingly, 71% of business leaders plan to grow their companies in markets where English is not the primary language.

But there is a disconnect between those needs and the American labor supply. Only 1 in 10 Americans speak a second language and 70% of the Global 1000 workforce are non-native English speakers. So we can’t find enough talent at home or abroad.

This all fits with 90% of business line leaders reporting that their teams face language proficiency challenges. But, remarkably, only 33% of those leaders consult their HR departments to help them solve these language challenges.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a solution that is quick to put into action and, best of all, free!

The Global Talent Toolkit

So what are we supposed to do about these issues? The solution starts with our These free tools help business line leaders work with HR departments to:

  • Document the linguistic and cultural skills that already exist in your organization. The process begins with a survey meant to be distributed company-wide. It helps you document the skills that already exist and where gaps may exist.
  • Map the necessary skills that your company will need to accomplish your goals. The talent map matches the existing skills with the growth plans of the business to see exactly where you need to focus your language training time and dollars.
  • Reinvent your employee development plans to reflect these needs. We provide a sample plan that takes an existing EDP and infuses it with your newfound focus on language learning, making it easy for employees to work toward your organizational goals.

Again, all of these tools come in easy format that make implementation easy. And it’s completely free!

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