International Business Communication skills course

Working in a new culture or with a team from a culture other than your own can be nothing short of a series of small challenges.

A lack of cultural understanding can lead to hurt feels, lost sales accounts, and team dysfunction.

Our cross-cultural communication skills courses are practical, interactive programs designed to prepare participants to work in multicultural offices, travel abroad, or quickly become familiar with the United States.

In addition to providing an academic framework for understanding different cultures, cross-cultural challenges, and issues related to communication, our workshops offer sound advice that can immediately be put in to practice.

As with all our programs, you can expect to be on your feet and working in teams. What you will not get is PowerPoint lecture and a talking head reading from a course guide.


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Format Key

B – Conference Breakout Session or Lunch Program

H – Half-Day Training Course

F – Full-Day Training Course

M – Multi-Day Training Course

W – Webinar

W2 – Mult-Session Webinar

O – Self-Paced Online Course


Cultural Intelligence: Working Smarter in a Multicultural Organization

Communicating Across Cultures: Working Together in a Global Marketplace

World Wise: Cross-Cultural Communication and Global Business Etiquette

Going Global: Getting Down to Business Outside the United States (Country-Specific Briefings)

Coming to America: (Inpatriation) A Super-Sized Survival Session for Living in the United States

The Red, White, and Blue View: Understanding and Doing Business with Americans


The world is smaller than ever before, and employees are as likely to find themselves working next to someone who grew up halfway around the world as they are to work with colleagues born and raised “right next door”. This workshop introduces the concept of cultural intelligence and offers practical advice for understanding cultural diversity.

Working with people from different places can be difficult. The business advantages of having a multicultural workforce are made apparent in this basic cross-cultural workshop. By the end of this course, participants should be able to describe Geert Hofstede's dimensions of culture, practice listening for what is said and what is not said, demonstrate the use of open and closed questions, and identify and explain the four basic behavioral styles.

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