International Business Communications consultancy

Natalie HardwickeWhy hire me?

As a communication consultant, I provide an objective and best-practice approach for improving the internal structure of your business from an engagement, information management, and communication standpoint. With over five years in dedicated communication roles, and accreditation in psychology, communication, publishing, editing and project management, my skills cover the critical factors that contribute to employee understanding and belief in business messages.

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication strategy development and implementation for large-scale audiences
  • Behaviour change communication for perception control
  • Employee Engagement advice and development for business leaders
  • Internal communication best practice on digital and social channels
  • Information management for staff knowledge and message accuracy

Do you know the difference between information and communication?
Do you know how to distinguish ‘nice to know’ messages from the ‘need to know’ messages?
Do you know what role leadership plays in message success?
Do you know how important employee engagement is to the success of your business?
Do you know why your staff have different reactions to business change?
Do your communication strategies often fail and you don’t know why?
Do you know that you should view your entire organisation as communicative?

If you are unsure about these answers and want help addressing communication problems within your business, send me a message via the contacts page or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Some of my key achievements include

  • International consultant for the EMEA division of Webtrends (a company that provides web, social and mobile analytics related to digital marketing. The company was founded in 1993 and serves approximately 2, 000 enterprise-level companies including Microsoft, Ford, Coca-Cola and Motorola – to name a few). My work with Webtrends has centered on the research and writing of marketing white papers that focus on employee engagement on internal systems.
  • Recipient of a Director’s Award for implementing and managing a communication SharePoint site for 3000 staff, and for increasing user adoption rates on the site by 130% within a three-month period.
  • Invited to speak at the September 2013 Australian Publishers Conference after submitting a postgraduate research paper that focused on self-publishing as a process in the digital age; showcasing how an online social presence can help writers succeed.
  • Influenced a course syllabus change at the University of Melbourne for the 2013 postgraduate subject ‘Business and Professional Communications’ after presenting a psychological talk on the communication preferences of individuals based on their personality.

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