Nonverbal communication movie clips

Here, at 0:20, the character-emotion of disgust (whose voice is played by Mindy Kaling) accurately projects her namesake while repelling from broccoli.

More accurate disgust as Kaling's character tries not to vomit (0:21)

Yet if we flashback to 0:16 we see the very classic and distinctive asymmetrical expression of contempt.

Contempt is fundamentally different from disgust, for contempt must be directed at a person or group of people - never a non-person. Disgust however can and is very often directed towards disliked food, non-living things - as well as people.

In this moment, at 0:21.5, we see Riley displaying emotional pain - with an elevated central forehead contraction (CFC) with some contempt display as well (note however, that this contempt is on the opposite side of her mouth and expressed to a significantly lesser degree than her falsely-directed psyche character).

This is indeed an accurate expression and very consistent with what one expect if this were a real-world scenario. It's NOT however disgust as Mindy Kaling's psyche disgust character is supposed to be transmitting.

Riley's torso-neck-head leaning away from her broccoli and also her non-direct gaze (with rotated head) are also very congruent body language.

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Nonverbal Communication in the Movie "Closer"

You will have to analyze the actions between the Japanese Army and the Samurai
I have seen it a long time ago too so Idon't remember much either.
I might watch it today.

What else could I try? communicating between movieClips - FLASH 4

You will have to analyze the actions between the Japanese Army and the Samurai
I have seen it a long time ago too so Idon't remember much either.
I might watch it today.

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