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Verbal and nonverbal communication in business [Communication]

Verbal and nonverbal communication in business

non verbal communication

Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

Master your non-verbal communication skills because recognizing them can make or break your ability to advance in your career. 93% of daily communication is non-verbal., several studies confirm that only 7% of messages are conveyed through words, 55% through non-verbal elements, and 38% from certain vocal elements. Understanding how people express various forms of non-verbal communication will help you overcome challenges in the workplace and recognize growth opportunities. In, she concludes that non-verbal communication can be categorized by:

• Tone of voice
• Vocal noises
• Body gestures/posture
• Facial expressions
• Pauses

Though the study of human behavior is a challenging area to be precise in, what we can conclude is the importance of identifying and understanding the types of non-verbal communication in the workplace.

researchers determined with 70-80% accuracy, how non-verbal clues can indicate careful attention and growing trust. They found that when people mimic the gestures or vocal inflection of whom they are speaking with, they signify a greater likelihood to exchange information such as a phone number or business card. Other non-verbal actions such as prolonged eye contact help establish an air of confidence and authority. examine the problem with non-verbal communication in that “there are a number of possibilities for a breakdown in the discourse” (p.7) which can have a negative effect on your business or more specifically, your customer service.

It is clear that within the chain outlined above, there are many chances to misinterpret or completely miss a “non-verbal signal”. Therefore knowing the defining elements of non-verbal communication should be cornerstone to those in an organization that face customers. Furthermore, face-to-face verbal communication is inherently important to any type of organization. Interaction with people has an important role in the transmission of information that makes individuals productive. If you have a large office or are on the go, technology should be in place that enables you to move from a phone conversation to a video call, seamlessly.

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define the role of verbal and nonverbal communication in building successful business relationships.? | Yahoo Answers

As in any relationships, business relationships are based on communication between the parties involved. What you say is important because you want to say the right things in order to be successful.
Nonverbal communication is more important however because your body language will say what you might now. Limp handshakes and quivering during presentations shows that you lack confidence and no matter what you say, the viewer gauges you based upon what they see.

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