Effective business communication theory

Communication has become an integral part of our everyday life in the competitive modern age. Activities, from basic things like cooking and giving exams to more complex ones like running an organisation and formulating laws and regulations all depend on communication. However, poor communication can lead to inefficiency and disruption of activities. Thus, mere communication does not serve any purpose. It needs to be effective and clear.

Effective communication

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Effective Communication

Effective communication refers to the process of sharing information between two or more entities which leads to the desired outcome. The information shared is conveyed and received efficiently without the intended meaning being distorted or changed. It includes skills like non-verbal communication, attentive listening, ability to understand and to control one’s own emotions and managing stress. These skills need to be developed and honed.

Style of Communication and Skills

1.Nonverbal communication includes the effective use of body language to express a desired meaning or message. It includes facial expressions, movement of body parts like hand and legs, eye contact, posture and tone of voice. For example, while interacting with colleagues, a cross-handed posture implies that the person is defensive and unwilling to accommodate other people’s opinions.

2.Attentive listening not only includes understanding what the other person says, but also understanding the meaning and the messages implied along with it as well. It leads to better and effective understanding among the entities and clarity in sharing information. It also negates any kind of negative emotions so as to create a safe and healthy environment for communication. For example, paying attention during meetings helps in understanding the content and the implied message.

3.Understanding and controlling emotions help in nonverbal communication. It leads to understanding among the entities as to how they perceive others and how others perceive them. Effective communication becomes ineffective if the entities are too emotional or out of touch with others emotions. Thus, it helps in minimising differences and misunderstandings. For example, if a colleague disagrees with a certain plan or strategy, understanding his emotional state can help in convincing him otherwise.

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What some technique for effective communication?

Effective Communication!
Talk, talk and more talk. And I do not mean phone talk, text talk or even picture talk. I mean real talk. Face to face talk. When you can look into a preson's face, see his/her reaction, watch body language, patience or disgust, the whole gammit of personal expression.
But besides this matter of face to face communication you should also learn to be a good listener. And besides being a good listener, you should expect the same quality from the other party. Sometimes it will be necessary to interrupt a lengthy monologue that does not allow your input. Just remin…

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