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We make sense of complexity

We enable businesses to connect their places, people and things

Public Sector

We provide innovative mobile, fixed and cloud and hosting services to civil and military agencies, local government and the United Nations in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Small and Medium Business

We have a range of solutions to revolutionise your business

Multinational Organisations

Our Vodafone Global Enterprise team delivers managed, total communications solutions to large global organisations.

Change is normal and the future uncertain

As a Ready Business, you'll be better prepared and able to respond to the unexpected. And you'll be equipped to take advantage of new technologies. This could mean a new connectivity solution to reduce your operating costs or helping your people work more flexibly.

Vodafone helps you connect your business

This means that you can work more efficiently and be more productive, while keeping your business objectives clearly in focus. Converging your communications will revolutionise your business. It can open up new opportunities, cut your time to market and deliver outstanding customer service. At Vodafone, we help every size of business embrace total communications - today and into the future.

By understanding your challenges and priorities, we can help your business grow

We've worked with organisations of all sizes around the world. We understand the difference communications can make to your success. That's why we focus consistently on reliability and security, so you can be sure that you, your people, your places and your assets are always confidently connected.

Connecting your business

First we connect your business locations, wherever they are in the world, using fixed data networks or mobile connectivity. Then we connect your people, whether they're working in one location or always on the move. Our flexible working, cloud and unified communications services help them collaborate more effectively. Finally, we connect the assets that make your business tick - from vehicles to printers, from vending machines to container shipments.

Making work simpler and more productive

It makes sense to give your people the flexibility to work where and how they want. They quickly become more productive, more collaborative and more motivated. But many organisations have been forced to restrict this new way of working because of unpredictable costs and the resulting mess of suppliers, contract and tariffs. Vodafone helps you get the benefits without the problems.

Clear and under control

Vodafone offers a range of voice and data solutions to keep you and your staff connected worldwide. You get one supplier, with consistent tariffs across multiple countries. And having a single global contract makes it easy to control and manage your mobile communications budget.

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