Physical appearance nonverbal communication

hairstyle.jpgWhen we meet a person for the first time, it is difficult to know him/her without speaking. It is more complicate when it is a person from another culture. The non verbal communication is important such as the verbal communication.
So my topic is about the non verbal communication, especially clothes and physical appearance. How can we decipher all the different physical aspect.

Most of people think that the language is the base of the communication. The clothes and physical appearance is the first contact with people.
For example: Hairstyle, fashion clothes, facial expression, gesture and posture (body language) etc.

In function cultures, the fashion isdifferent. In Saudi Arabia for example, the traditional clothe for men is the Thawb or in India for women, it is the Sari (it is a tradition since 100 B.C).
In Western countries, it will be more trendy and short skirt for example, in Arabean countries, because of the tradition, women should hide their body.

Clothes also are symbol of membership of a social group or some professions (military or sailor).

The physical Appearance differs. It is also the symbol of membership of a social group, for example the punk's hairs (cf the picture).

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