Multicultural Business Communication in English

Multicultural Communication in Organizations is a concentration in the programme MA in International Business Communication, MA IBC. The MA IBC is also offered with the concentration Intercultural Marketing.

Cultures in multicultural organisations

The workforce in multicultural organisations includes employees of varied backgrounds, cultures and professions. At the same time the different cultures and identities are continuously produced and reproduced through interaction. In the MCO programme you will learn to handle the identities, differences and cultural challenges found in multicultural organisations. Theories include organisational culture, diversity management, identity and network theory, organisational actors (such as stakeholders and subcultures) and organisational change – all from an intercultural perspective.

You will gain a profound understanding of the way decisions, results and procedures are shaped and communicated in and between organisations and work groups; as well as a profound understanding of the role of power, influence, motivation and interpersonal relations - all sustained by communication. As an example you will work with relationship management and learn how to communicate with employees with different backgrounds (nationality, professions, age, gender etc.).

Focus is mainly on internal communication in multicultural organisations, but you will also work with topics within external communication such as B2B negotiation, press releases, knowledge exchange between companies, PR and CSR.

Intercultural communication

Based on major theories of organisational communication you will learn how to develop and implement communication strategies in multicultural organisations.

You will learn to communicate, negotiate and mediate successfully across different national and professional cultures e.g. how to communicate sensitive information between employees in the multicultural and dispersed organisation. You will work with theories on argumentation, impression management, negotiation, crisis communication, decision, and intercultural conflict handling. Your skills in communication are also trained in practice through negotiation cases and simulations e.g. how to make an impression at a job interview. You will also learn to analyse the intercultural communication issues in organisations and to translate them into practical problem solving and recommendations to management.

Knowledge exchange and networks

Knowledge is essential to the development and performance of organisations. It is created and organised through the constant flow of information and communication between the people in the organisation both through formal and informal interactions.

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