Business English Communication phrases

Do you have good telephone etiquette (or manners) at work? Do you know the right thing to say when answering the phone in English? Do you get nervous when you have to call a business and speak English?

Speaking on the phone and having proper business telephone etiquette in English is something that takes practice. It is difficult to do because you can’t see the person that is speaking. You have to train your ears to listen closely in English to what the caller is saying or asking for. Below you will find many common English phrases that are used when calling a business or answering a business’s phone.

Answering the Phone:
• Good Morning, Thank you for calling ABC Company. How can I help you today?
• Good afternoon, this is Stephanie. How may I direct your call?
• Thank you for calling Peterson’s.
• Marketing Department. Evelyn Speaking. How may I help you this afternoon?

Asking for the Caller’s Name:
• Who’s calling?
• Can I get your name, please?

Introducing Yourself:
• This is Kelly Erickson from West Marketing.
• Hi, this Paloma from Tidy Cleaning Service.
• Hello, my name is Janet. I am one of your customers.

Asking to Speak with Someone:
• Is Paulo Rodriguez available?
• Can I speak to the head of the marketing department?
• Is Mary Smith there?
• I’d like to speak to the person in charge of the upcoming Gala.

Person Caller Wants to Talk to Someone that is Not Available:
• Mr. Berg is not taking calls right now. Can I take a message?
• I’m sorry, Ms. Thorsen is in a meeting until 10. Would you like to call back again later?
• Jonathan is out today. Can I forward you to his voicemail?
• He’s with a patient right now. Would you like to hold?
• She’s on the phone now. Can I have her call you back later?

Transferring/Connecting the Caller to Another Person:
• Please hold, while I connect you to him.
• I’ll put you through to Mr. Shapiro’s phone. If you get disconnected for some reason his direct extension is 4562.
• I’m connecting you right now.

• I’m sorry I can’t hear you. Could you speak a little louder?
• I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Could you repeat yourself?

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