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How to solve Internal Communication problems with Enterprise Social NetworksDid you know that 60% of organisations’ problems are brought about by poor internal communication? These lead to conflict and situations which are detrimental to efficiency, productivity and the work environment. Zyncro seeks to solve these problems in companies by using social technology and implementing a new form of communication and collaboration between teams: Enterprise Social Networks.

The importance of communication as a strategic value

Internal communication is one of the main tools companies use to convey their values, vision and goals to their employees. It largely determines whether staff are aligned with corporate strategy and whether teams are effective and productive enough to successfully achieve the desired profit.

According to this interpretation, communication is a tool that supports the business plan, providing consistency and integration between goals, plans and actions. Companies which afford it this strategic importance communicate internally to motivate their employees and keep them up to speed about their successes and failures, ensure that goals and objectives are well understood by all and gather contributions to enhance corporate processes and results.

The challenge for organisations is to grasp that investment in this intangible asset – one which enables them to convey values and capital – is not only necessary to achieve their objectives but will also transform into business, process and sales benefits. How to solve a company’s internal communication problems in 3 steps

The problems resulting from poor Internal Communication

Many organisations still neglect their communication methods and refuse to invest in something that they continue to view as a cost. What are the consequences?

  • Employees find it hard to align with corporate strategy
  • Poor staff engagement with and commitment to the company’s overall project
  • Obstacles in information flows. Increased ‘water cooler’ rumours and loss of confidence
  • Decreased motivation and productivity
  • Worsened work environment
  • Lack of collaboration venues
  • Difficulty in managing knowledge

These are just some of the wider issues at hand. Identifying and dealing with them in a timely manner avoids problems with other areas and misunderstandings – and it also ensures that relationships in a company are not undermined and wrecked over time.

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What role does communication play in problem solving?

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