Business communication & Interpersonal skills

Business teamwork requires professionalism and effective interpersonal skills.Business teamwork has evolved from a way to get one specific project done in a company to a more consistent way to increase productivity in the workplace, according to a 2000 case study conducted for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. With the increased use of teamwork in business, working with a corporate team requires excellent interpersonal skills and a variety of other team-related characteristics.


Trust is essential in business. Trust must be present in every company as employees need to rely on each other, cooperate and take risks based upon a teammate's recommendation. Trust can be developed by spending time together outside of the work setting, too. Your team might not be best friends, but you will develop a basic respect and realize there is more to coworkers than just work. Facing conflict head-on is another way to develop trust. Approach all parties and be a peacemaker, encouraging your coworkers to get conflict out, promoting honesty and openness.


Communication, an important part of teamwork, involves consistently updating each person and never assuming everyone has the same information. Practice positive nonverbal communication by being an active listener. Keep an open posture-welcoming and positive-nodding in agreement, smiling and not checking your watch or phone. Listening to others shows respect and admiration, an essential trust-building method, says Harriet Meyerson at

Practice effective verbal communication. When you do speak, speak confidently but cordially, outline what the other person just said so she knows you were listening and stay on topic. If you disagree, start by pointing out something positive before remarking on the negative. Write emails as you speak, in intelligent but practical complete sentences and getting right to the point. State your purpose in the first sentence so the person knows what the email is about.

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