English for Business Communications

ALAP_FinalThis short English for Business Communication course is designed for professionals that wish to gain greater confidence in telephoning, presenting, chairing business meetings and negotiating in English.

Required Level of English

This is a Level 2 course aimed at students with at least an elementary level of English.

Course Duration

This course contains 30 learning hours.

Assessment Method

The course contains 10 units and at the end of each unit there are tasks to complete and submit to your tutor. The tasks for each unit are graded and once all 10 units have been completed the average grade is calculated and this is the final grade that will appear on your certificate.

Accredited by ALAP

This course is accredited to Level 2 by UK based specialist awarding organisation ALAP, Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals.

Course Contents

  • Unit 1 – Meeting & Greeting (Receiving Visitors) / Small Talk
  • Unit 2 – Agreeing / Disagreeing
  • Unit 3 – Asking for Comments / Handling Complaints
  • Unit 4 – Asking Appropriate Questions / Making Proposals, Offers, & Suggestions
  • Unit 5 – Challenging & Defending an Opinion / Saying Goodbye (to Visitors)
  • Unit 6 – Clarifying & Confirming / Summarizing
  • Unit 7 – Assistance Over the Phone / Using Communication Tools Effectively (Phone, Video Chat)
  • Unit 8 – Persuading / Compromising
  • Unit 9 – Meetings: Chairing / Dealing with Interruptions
  • Unit 10 – Opening Meetings / Closing Meetings

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does business english plays a vital role in effective communications? | Yahoo Answers

it depends on who u r communicate with,but in general,english is the most popular language in the world,also every company use business english while do business across the world.

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