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International Business Communication definition [Communication]

International Business Communication definition

"I first met my best friend in Philadelphia (also an expat with an Indian background) at a community event. Thank you, InterNations Philly! "

Olle Lindberg

Living in USA, from Sweden

"Thanks to InterNations, I found very interesting business contacts among Philadelphia's financial service providers. "

Cross-Cultural Communication

As a global mind, e.g. an expat working in international management or a business person with lots of clients abroad, you’ll need to deal with international business communication sooner or later. We show you how good communication skills can help you overcome international business issues.


The structure of a successful business talk might also be influenced by cultural conventions. For example, if your audience includes lots of people from a so-called “uncertainty-avoidance” culture, they won’t like risks or ambiguity, but they do value expert opinion and details. Back-up data or analyses from specialists will make a good impression on them. They like to work towards a decision rather than proceed from an assumption.

Some cultures allow for more flexibility and spontaneity than others with a punctual and rigid approach. Please adjust your time schedule accordingly if you want to be successful in international business communication.

Preferences for visual aids, graphics, and color schemes may vary from culture to culture, too. You will probably be working within the framework provided by corporate identity and design. However, if you can make adjustments to create a better visual experience which takes your audience’s taste into account, feel free to do so.

The Speaker

Just like different words mean the same thing in different languages, body language is by no means universal. This doesn’t make international business communication any easier.

For instance, a nod signifies “yes” in many countries, but “no” in parts of Bulgaria and Greece. In some cultures, it would be extremely rude to point at a person directly with one finger. Even beyond such single gestures, the concepts of eye-contact and personal space differ greatly.

Some audiences value formality and credentials more than others. Pay attention to how you dress yourself, how you greet your audience, and how you make the introductions if you want to come across as professional.

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