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bpcqBusiness and Professional Communication Quarterly is the only refereed journal devoted solely to the teaching of communication in the workplace. BPCQ publishes scholarship that advances knowledge about business communication pedagogy in both academic and workplace settings. Articles in BPCQ present a variety of theoretical, applied, and practical approaches and perspectives, including program design and assessment, the impact of technology, global and multicultural issues, qualitative and quantitative research on classroom teaching, and case studies of best practices.

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, ISSN 1080-5699 (formerly the Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication, ISSN 8756-1972 and Business Communication Quarterly), is published four times each year (March June, September, and December) by the Association for Business Communication and Sage Publications.

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In their assessment of research published in three international business journals, Thomas, Shenkar, and Clarke (1994) described a body of work characterized by low levels of internationalization We extend their research by reviewing 1439 articles published from 2000 to 2008 in four core international business journals Although we find that the shadow of US dominance continues to lie over the field, we also find evidence of increasing research and authorship diversity Although the representation of nations is uneven and cultural diversity levels remain low, we conclude that internation…

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